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 All about Youtube & Benefits of buying YouTube views  

YouTube, a common platform of which all of us have heard of and well aware of. Almost all the  videos we experience today are from YouTube. There’s always something new to watch on YouTube  unlike the T.V shows, movies, dramas etc… YouTube is always ready to provide you with innovative  content from amazing content creators. On the other hand YouTube provides you a great  opportunity to be a part of a community where you can even share your personal experiences through  videos. This is actually a video sharing website owned by Google. It was created in 2005. The  ultimate purpose of YouTube is to provide a platform to share videos for free and make the audience  watch online videos for free. 

Do you believe that YouTube uploads more than 500 hours of videos per minute? Sounds  unbelievable but true. YouTube operates as one of the subsidiaries of Google. As a whole YouTube  can be specifically defined as a platform for entertainment, education, inspiration , community and  opportunity.  

Is YouTube a social media?  

YouTube doesn’t sound like a part of social media. But it’s one of them. And also it’s the second most  used search engine after Google. YouTube is an amazing way of communicating to a huge audience.  Users can not only watch videos but can also like, comment and share them. It is easily accessible to  PCs, mobile phones, laptops etc.

Importance of YouTube as a social media platform. 

You can use YouTube not only as a viewer but also as a digital content creator. It’s one of the best  money making platforms today. Most people earn big money from YouTube in the present. Unlike in  the past, social media has become an influential part of the commercial world . Now it’s the most  powerful tool for business promotions today. If you are running a business of your own YouTube is  the place where you can use it for promoting your brand. It gives you access to a vast audience locally  and internationally for free. And also you can create your own channel and promote your business  through your own channel making 2 types of earnings at once. One is from selling your products or  services and the other is the YouTube Ad revenue. If not you can use another content creator’s  channel for promotions by paying them. No matter what way you choose, there’s a global audience  waiting for you.  

Making money on YouTube 

Need huge money? Then YouTube is the right place for you. It is as simple as uploading quality and interesting content for the audience you target. First select the field on which you are specialized. Always try to create quality content for the target audience by identifying their interests. Try to  upload videos often and don’t disappoint your viewers. Your hard work is returned with a sum of six  figures and more. Focus on creating great and valuable content in case you will increase the number  of viewers for your videos. 

Try to be unique and make unique creations. Set a brand name for yourself. Avoid imitating or  copying somebody else’s style as it creates monotony for the viewers. Then people will find you a  genuine and authentic digital content creator.  

How to monetize the channel?  

YouTube is a way of generating a passive income. But it can’t be done at once. You need to get your  channel monetized to earn ad revenue. For that you need to link your account with an AdSense 

account. It is difficult to make the channel a success overnight. It may require a certain time period  and some other demands.  

Updated eligibility criteria for monetisation.  

  • Minimum 500 subscribers. 
  • At least 3 public videos uploaded in the past 90 days. 
  • 3000 public watch hours on long videos in the last 365 days or 
  • 3M public views on shorts in the last 90 days.  

Though the criteria have been released a bit, to create more space for smaller creators , the old  YouTube policy for monetisation is still applicable. According to old standards the channel should  have a minimum of 1000 subscribers , more than 4000 public watch hours for long videos in the past  365 days and 10M public views for short videos in the past 90 days.  

Basically it’s all about views on YouTube that makes it a money making platform. People use a lot of  strategies to increase the view count for their channel. Below are some natural ways you can use to  increase the view count.  

  • Create high quality content. 
  •  Create an attractive thumbnail. 
  • Join with other popular channels. 
  • Run a contest or a giveaway. 
  • Write Catchy video titles. 
  •  Use other social media platforms to promote your channel. 

But these self promoting ways are consuming a lot of time and need a long time to work. And  sometimes they won’t work at all. But you cannot wait that long or give up the channel. And also you  need to acquire 1000 subscribers to earn from this too . So what can you do? The answer is simple. ‘ 

What does it mean Buy Youtube Views?  

It may sound unethical and not accepted at all. Yet it’s a normal thing even celebrities do . The  best part of buying views is that it is not illegal at all. Actually it’s a genuine marketing strategy that is  absolutely legitimate. This will make your videos popular and visible to a larger audience. Even the  top YouTubers buy views . Depending on your budget and your requirements you can decide the  amount of views you need to buy. Never be afraid to buy views on YouTube because though they are  detected , the worst thing that can happen to you is a content removal or a channel takedown. No  legal actions could be taken against you because it’s not illegitimate. Buying YouTube views will  accelerate your YouTube marketing. Buying views is a beneficial process and it’s completely safe. Go  ahead and give it a try . If you have just set up the channel try buying some views and boost your  channel.  

There’s one thing you need to really take a look at when buying views. There’s absolutely no problem  in buying views, the actual problem is where you buy your views from? This is a critical problem for  all the novel YouTube content creators. Scammers are everywhere. And the end result will be a loss  of money if you invest money on scams. When it comes to buying views some service providers are  really genuine while the others may offer fake views which are easily detected by YouTube. YouTube  keeps monitoring the behavior of certain accounts and keeps deleting the views generated by those  accounts. If you are not concerned about buying real views, in no time your views will be removed from  YouTube sometimes along with the content itself. Purchasing real YouTube views is an excellent 

approach to get your videos seen by a vast audience. Matter is to identify between real and fake  views. Some views come from real viewers and some come from automated services.  

Real Youtube Views 
  1. Real views come from genuine viewers followed by likes , comments and  shares .  
  2. It’s a crucial factor that helps promoting your channel. 
  3. Real viewers genuinely connect with your content and share it on their other  social media platforms. 
  4. Real views are in accordance with YouTube’s Community Guidelines. 
  5. When ranking the videos, real views help your channel to be in the top of the list.  
  6. Real videos help increasing YouTube traffic and help grow your channel. 
  7. Real views are worth investing money as it ensures the credibility and  popularity of the channel. 
Fake Youtube  views 
  1. Comes from automated services.  
  2. Doesn’t provide likes , comments or shares. 
  3. Do not help promoting the channel. 
  4. Cause for violation of YouTube’s Community Guidelines. 
  5. Channel faces the risk of being demonetised or even removed entirely due  to fake views. 
  6. Fake views do not last long . YouTube keeps detecting and removing them. 
  7. Can harm the reputation of the channel and may lead to penalties. 
  8. A total waste of money.  

Benefits of buying YouTube views

  •  Provide an initial boost for the channel – if you have set up a new channel probably  you may not be able to reach the minimum number of subscribers within a short  period of time. That is you are unable to earn ad revenue from YouTube unless you  have reached the minimum subscribers level. The ultimate goal of every YouTuber is  to earn money. But what if it doesn’t go for our target audience in time? That’s why  you need to buy views. Buying views may create a basic audience and it will help to  boost the channel. As a novel YouTube content creator it will be a great support for  you in establishing the channel and widens the path to a larger fan base later. If you  have lesser subscribers you will be demotivated and may have to give up creating  contents in a short period of time. Buying views not only gives an initial boost but  also encourages your own self. So why not try??? 
  • Increase the community engagement.it’s a common thing that ‘ views attract  views ‘ . Generally, the people on YouTube are likely to watch videos which are  already having a larger number of views . That is because that they may sometimes  think that there’s something that worth watching. You can level the field and  compete with the well established YouTubers by buying views. Increased view count  helps not only to attract unpaid viewers but also the sponsors. You can build up a  good reputation in the YouTube community and not only that on other social media  platforms as well . When you buy real views, they are followed by likes, comments and shares as well. Sharing specifically widens the reach of your audience and attract  people on those social media platforms towards your channel. Your videos tend to  rank high in search results and in the recommended lists leading to growth in  engagement.  
  • Can help to monetize the channel. – According to latest you tube standards a  minimum of 500 subscribers are needed for the monetisation process. Usually the  initial YouTubers waste a lot of time to reach the minimum subscribers level. It’s  quite challenging at the beginning. With the tough competition you have to create  something that really has the potential to attract views. You won’t get highlighted on  the recommended lists at the beginning . Buying views helps you to get your channel  in the start. You can easily buy the views and hence increase the number of  subscribers you need to monetize the channel which is a compulsory requirement  for earning on the AdSense. AdSense let the creators to get paid. First you need to  set up an AdSense account. The channel needs to stay activated. If you really want to  make huge money from YouTube you need to increase the number of views as the  first step. It’s easier and convenient to achieve the number of views by buying views .  And it’s less time consuming. As you can earn from AdSense there are also other  pathways to earn money from YouTube. One is collaborating with brands . By  promoting different brands on YouTube you can make big money. Most of the  popular brands today.choose YouTube over T.V channels to get their brands  promoted as they can communicate with a global audience via YouTube and it’s cost  effective as well. If you need to get collaborations, your channel needs to be an  established one with a significant number of views. Before dealing with your channel  the brands are more likely to recognise ones with a huge number of views. By buying  views you can open up the path to get paid collaborations. Once you place an  advertisement in your videos immediately you will get a share of the ad revenue. So  it’s quite easy and worth learning from YouTube. Do make your channel eligible for  playing ads by buying views. Once you have 10000 subscribers on your channel a  merchandise area can be integrated. Buying views will also help to increase the  number of subscribers. So automatically it will provide you the opportunity for your  users to purchase fan merchandise from you. 
  • Saving more free time. – once you set up a YouTube channel you keep trying to  increase views and subscribers . You need to spare your time on promoting your  channel as well as creating a lot of videos continuously to keep your community  engaged with your channel. Then you keep losing your valuable time which can  be used for other internet marketing strategies. Just buy some views and save your  time and use it on other platforms especially on social media marketing. In some  cases you may be a student or an employee working for a certain company. It’s  important for you to balance between studies or work place commitments with your  social media platforms. Buying views helps to engage in your day to day life activities  with a peaceful mind and can also spend time with your loved ones . You can lead a  normal life and not get attached to YouTube, seeking for views.  
  • Make your channel credible. – you need to be in the quality of being trusted as a new  digital content creator. You need a longer time period to build the trust in your target  audience. People will start to watch your videos once they feel that there’s  something for them to watch. They need to keep their trust in you. How long will it  take for them to trust you ? No one knows . So it’s essential to find another way to  build up credibility. Buying views is the best suggestion that I can give you. Imagine that you have bought 1000 views, so the other users become curious about  what is actually special about your content to have got 1000 people to watch it . They  may wonder why those 1000 have trusted you and they would love to watch your  videos out of curiosity. At that point if you have original quality content in your  channel, trust me the new views will remain with you. They start believing you as a  good content creator and it assures your credibility. That is how popular YouTube  channels get more and more views . Building credibility is the key to getting views . By  paying for maybe 1000 views you may get another 1000 views absolutely free as you  have built up the credibility.  
  • To make your videos go viral Though you have an established channel it isn’t  alone sufficient to make your videos go viral. You may be able to reach 100k on  YouTube in a single day but it’s not even sufficient. Going viral refers to being viewed  , shared, liked and commented on by millions of users in a short period of time.  Exactly, it should have at least 2 to 3 million views in 1 to 2 days. As a creator the  best thing happens to you is your videos going viral. It will attract more and more  subscribers and viewers. It’s worth a try to buy views to make your videos go viral as  it will expand your brand awareness. Remember to buy real views to make sure your videos are not only watched but also being liked , commented and shared. Buying  real views will increase the popularity of your YouTube channel. Buying views will  help to boost the exposure of your content and make your videos go viral.  
  • Ranking your channelchannels today have a big challenge in front of them. They  need to adopt strategies to optimize the videos. These strategies are known as YouTube  SEO . There’s a search system on YouTube where you can easily find the channels.  When YouTube ranks the videos it considers several factors. Metrics like the click  through rate, likes, dislikes and average view durations play a role in video ranking.  The most important among all is ‘ view durations’ which can be bought by buying  views. And your video is more likely to be recommended if a user watches videos  similar to yours. You need to find real views with likes, comments and shares .  Number of views will decide the place of your channel on the rank list. YouTube  algorithm uses the number of views as a deciding factor to recommend content. The  YouTube algorithm picks you up as your videos get more and more views and likes.  
  • To increase the number of subscribers As soon as a channel is set up , the new  digital content creators always keep focusing on increasing the number of  subscribers. It’s never easy to increase the number of subscribers. We see that some  YouTubers have to wait for years not reaching even 500 subscribers to monetize their  channel. Then they tend to give up the effort and may delete the channel. Once  people start watching your videos there’s a tendency of them subscribing to your  channel. Buying views may not directly increase the number of subscribers but it has  an indirect impact on increasing the number of subscribers . As ‘views attract views’  the paid views will attract free or unpaid viewers. And they won’t just watch videos  and leave the channel. Instead they will most probably subscribe to the channel. So do  not think twice to buy views for YouTube because you are benefitted thereafter. The  fastest way to increase the number of subscribers is to buy views. 


Amidst a lot of advantages there is a risk of buying views. If you buy fake views you may undergo  losses as well. It is difficult to differentiate between real and fake views by us at a glance. The  industry is full of scammers. Once you see an advertisement about selling YouTube views, never  forget to look for authentic reviews from people who have taken his service before. Most scammers publish attractive advertisements but are not able to provide the stated service effectively. Take time  and research about the service provider before coming straight into a deal at once.  

Let’s have a look at what would happen to your channel once you buy fake views.  

  • Account being banned from YouTube – YouTube keeps detecting fake views. Your channel  is being tracked through the IP addresses to identify fake views. It is easy for them to identify whether the view is fake or not if they come from the same IP address repeatedly or from a  series of IP addresses that are identical. Once your channel has been caught by buying fake  views there’s a risk of the account being banned or getting deleted from the platform.  YouTube strictly doesn’t allow artificially generated views not even by using automated systems. According to Community Guidelines, YouTubers are bound to report fake views as  well.  
  •  No advertising revenue – Fake views do not help you to grow your channel. At least it doesn’t help your channel eligible for monetisation. So you cannot start earning through ads  by buying fake views. Fake views does not widen the community engagement as well which  may otherwise lead to increase the real viewers and subscribers and has no genuine impact  on brand collaborations or partnerships. 

Where to buy YouTube views?  

You can purchase genuine views from websites that offer YouTube marketing services. Depending on  your requirements , objectives and budget you can choose packages from 100 views. You can use  your credit card, PayPal and also crypto currency as well. And it is quite legitimate and not against  the laws . 

Now you can target a set of audience and buy views. Based on the audience, the package rates may  differ. But it has a quite positive outcome of buying YouTube views from your country. There are legit  sites that are reputed and can be recommended to buy views. They will provide real viewers instead  of robots who just don’t watch and leave but share and subscribe to your channel.  

Some of the legit sites are 

  • https://dopemusicpromotions.com – this is one of the best sites for buying views.  There’s zero risk in investing with https://dopemusicpromotions.com because they  provide a genuine service for you for reasonable prices.  


  • UseViral.com – sells genuine views . It’s a top platform to purchase YouTube views. They  provide you real active users and a money back guarantee. But they do not accept bitcoin  payments.  


  • SidesMedia.com – some bloggers such as ‘ Business view’ and ‘ Outlook India’ have  recognized SidesMedia.com as a prominent platform for buying real views. They too give a  money back guarantee.  


  • Growthoid.com – Based on your budget you can use Growthoid.com to buy views. They  provide genuine views at an affordable price . They have a friendly team to support you with  the inquiries. They deliver the packages fast.  


  • https://buyyoutubeviews.me – this one is also worth a try. They provide you with real  viewers and a friendly and reliable service too. It’s worth a try to buy views from this site.  So if you are interested in buying YouTube views do try the above sites and protect yourself and your  money from scammers.

Frequently Asked Questions

YouTube views refer to the number of times a video has been watched. They are a crucial metric as they indicate the popularity and reach of a video. Higher view counts can lead to increased visibility, credibility, and engagement for your content.

Buying YouTube views involves purchasing views for your videos from a service provider. This can help boost your view count and increase the visibility of your content.

Legitimate views should come from real users who voluntarily watch your videos. Some services provide legitimate views, while others use questionable methods. It’s crucial to choose a reputable provider to ensure legitimacy.

Look for providers with positive reviews, recommendations, and a track record of delivering legitimate views. Avoid providers offering unrealistically low prices, as they may deliver low-quality or inorganic views.

yes, there are risks. If you choose a provider that delivers inorganic or low-quality views, your channel could face penalties, including video removal or channel suspension. It’s essential to prioritize legitimacy and quality.

You can purchase various types of views, including high-retention views, geo-targeted views, or views with engagement features like likes, comments, and shares. The type you choose depends on your goals.

Bought views can enhance your video’s visibility, attract organic viewers, establish credibility, accelerate growth, and help meet monetization requirements. They can also help you compete in competitive niches and highlight key content.