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Effective Social Media Promotion for YouTube Videos

social media promotion for youtube

Lets see how important the social media promotion for  YouTube videos are? You finally finished your new YouTube video. The editing is flawless and the content is primed to resonate with your audience. You upload it, expecting viewers to instantly start watching. But a week later, the view count is still tiny. What gives? The issue is that you didn’t execute a social media promotion strategy. Without effective promotion, even the most compelling video content will struggle to be discovered on YouTube’s crowded platform.

In this post, I’ll outline an in-depth blueprint for promoting your YouTube videos across key social platforms.

Let’s go in!

Why Social Promotion For Youtube is Vital?

Here are some key reasons social promotion is absolutely necessary for YouTube success:

  • Over 500 hours of video are uploaded every minute – insane competition
  • YouTube won’t automatically surface your content – you have to drive viewers
  • Social introduces your videos to new audiences
  • Increased exposure = more views, subscribers and shares
  • Helps videos rank higher in YouTube search

By sharing your videos aggressively across social media, you widen the potential audience exponentially.

This amplification effect is what will make your YouTube channel stand out.

That’s why having a thoughtful social promotion process is so important.

youtube social media promotion

Step 1: Optimize Videos to Promote

First, optimize your actual video for social promotion before publishing:

  • Strong custom thumbnail – Use contrasting colors with exciting imagery and text.
  • Intriguing title – Use “listicle” formats or questions to hook interest.
  • Engaging description – Include emojis, hashtags, captions to entice clicks.
  • Effective end screen – Promote other videos and subscribe link.

Taking time to nail this upfront video optimization will directly increase promotion results.

Step 2: Share to Primary Social Platforms

Once your video goes live, immediately start sharing across your primary social channels:

YouTube Community – Post video with engaging caption to your channel’s community tab. Include emojis, gifs, and calls to action.

Facebook – Share video or native clips multiple times per week with exciting captions and tagging influencers.

Twitter – Tweet video link with strong caption as well as relevant hashtags. Follow up with additional tweets.

LinkedIn – Post natively formatted version and write engaging text framing value for professionals.

Focus most of your effort promoting on these core channels where your audience is already active.

Step 3: Leverage Secondary Platforms

Then amplify your reach further by sharing new videos across secondary platforms:

Instagram – Post multiple Stories and Reels previews of the video. Use linking stickers back to full YouTube video.

Pinterest – Pin animated video preview along with link back to YouTube video on relevant boards.

TikTok – Reuse engaging sections of YouTube videos for TikTok clips using strong captions.

Reddit – Share videos in relevant Subreddits with thoughtful captions tailored to each community.

Layering in promotion across secondary networks expands your potential audience.

Step 4: Utilize Hashtags Strategically

Hashtags are a valuable tactic for optimizing social promotion:

  • Video topic hashtags – Include hashtags directly related to your video’s specific subject.
  • Popular hashtags – Sprinkle in a few viral trending hashtags where relevant.
  • Channel hashtags – Use branded hashtags associated with your YouTube channel.
  • Caption hashtags – Add hashtags that relate to your caption copy.

Get in the habit of integrating strategic hashtags into your social posts. But don’t overdo it.

Step 5: Promote Consistently Over Time

Don’t just share your video once and forget about it. You need to promote consistently.

  • Start promotion from the moment you publish
  • Space out social posts over days and weeks
  • Re-share older evergreen videos periodically
  • Comment and engage with viewers after sharing

Consistent long-term promotion is far more effective than just a single blast.

youtube social media promotion

Step 6: Collaborate with Relevant Influencers

Reaching out to relevant influencers in your niche to help promote your videos can have a big impact.

Some strategies:

  • Ask influencers to share your video with their followers
  • Collaborate on co-branded video content
  • Offer to promote their content in return
  • Arrange video interviews discussing trending topics
  • Give influencers affiliate codes for your products

Influencer co-promotion gives your videos the credibility boost they need to drive more views. Don’t underestimate it.

Advanced Social Media Promotion  for Youtube Tactics to Test

Take your social video promotion to the next level with these advanced tactics:

  • Pin your best YouTube comments to the top
  • Run retargeting video ads to custom audiences
  • Promote videos in online communities and forums
  • Repurpose video assets into different formats
  • Develop referral incentives and promo codes

Try new ideas and analyze the impact on video performance. Double down on what works.

Track Key Metrics to Gauge Impact

It’s important to closely monitor metrics from your social video promotion efforts:

  • Traffic source breakdown – where views are coming from
  • Social engagement rate – shares, likes, comments per post
  • Click-through rate – how well thumbnails and titles convert
  • Audience retention – how long viewers stay engaged
  • Subscribers gained – new followers driven by social

Use this data to optimize your strategy over time.

Make Social Media Promotion a Priority

As you can see, consistent strategic promotion across social platforms is mandatory for YouTube success today.

It takes real work. But nothing accelerates video and channel growth faster than expanded social reach.

Be sure to budget time for social promotion. And keep testing new channels and tactics.

Now it’s your turn. What unique social promotion strategies have worked for your YouTube videos? Share your top tips in the comments below!

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